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Chef Amina Ly

Welcome to Chef Amina’s new adventure!

Is it that obvious I love what I do? I am so grateful of the people that I have crossed paths with.

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My Story

Amina Ly‘s culinary career began over 20 years ago. With most of her formal training in France and Italy, she received her Masters of International Culinary Chef degree at TuChef in Rome. Her travels and encounters with exotic ingredients and spices inspired her curiosity and passion for cooking. Her experiences influenced every aspect of her cooking. She has worked in the best kitchens in Europe, impressive luxury yachts at the Grand Prix of Monte Carlo or Cannes Film Festival, the Genoa and Antigua boat show and independent restaurants, where dignitaries, politicians, and celebrities, and the General public have tasted the most delectable dishes. Aside from cooking, she has managed and organized restaurants from the front to the back of the house and supervised several establishments serving over 250 meals per night. She is used to the working conditions & fast pace of large and complex kitchens.

So, what brought me to Miami?


I had the opportunity to explore the city during a yachting visit and was immediately fascinated by this amazing metropolis.  It was instanstly clear to me: Miami was where I wanted to bring my expertise in fine cuisine and start my American Dream.

My restaurant venture, Coté Gourmet, was accepted by the people of this city from inception and it reached immense success as I elevated it from a 2 Star to a 5 Star restaurant with over 300 Yelp and Google Reviews.

I look forward to continue to share my passion for cooking fine cuisine and delivering the ultimate dining experience to the amazing people of this city and from around the world.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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